Customer Testimonials

CBI Customer Story: Log & Stump Screw Helps Marquis Tree Service Reduce Disposal Costs

“For the money, I don’t think it could be beat,” Happ said. “I don’t think you could touch it for any other machine that could reduce wood of the same diameter. Especially with the size constraints we have at our yard."

- David Happ
Operations Manager
Marquis Tree Service


CBI Customer Story: Ties 2 - Grinding Railroad Ties

“CBI is built to do the job because it makes the heaviest built grinder that can handle the abuse that railroad ties give it. This system holds up well to the operations that we put it through.”

- Chris Weides
Ties 2
Superior, WI

CBI Customer Story: Ingerson Transportation - The First Machine CBI Built

“I’m still using my CBI grinder of 21 years, 60,000 hours and it’s still running every day. I can’t wear it out.”

- Mitch Ingerson
Ingerson Transportation
Jefferson, NH

CBI Customer Story: K.C. Johnson & Sons

“We bought our first CBI grinder back in 1998 and the one sitting behind me will be the seventh one we’ve owned. If I didn’t like what I had, I wouldn’t be standing here.”

- Chris Johnson
K.C. Johnson & Sons
Nokesville, VA

CBI Customer Story: Supreme Industries

“We knew that when buying another CBI we would be buying a quality, well-built machine that we can depend on. There's lots of steel in all the right places which helps with the longevity of the machine.”

- Gavin Boucher
Supreme Industries
Harwinton, CT

“We recently started the largest job our company has ever undertaken. From day one, we have had nothing but support and follow up from CBI. If it wasn’t for companies like CBI and Anders’ commitment in particular, we would have never been able to succeed. My entire family and I would like to thank you for your equipment and your commitment to excellence.”

- Mark Letourneau
Letourneau Products Manufacturing Corp.
Freetown, MA

"I looked at a lot of CBI equipment working at facilities around the country before we chose to go with CBI for this project. No matter what the plant conditions, the CBI equipment was always running well ... and staying up and running is the key to success in this business."

- Gil Lopes
New England Recycling

"We chose a CBI waste recovery system for our new plant due to its clever and efficient design and outstanding durability. The CBI Machines are built with rugged quality and are extremely reliable with very low maintenance or downtime. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry the team at CBI has decades of knowledge with great spare parts and service back up."

- Toby Terlet
Alternative Fuel Company
Adelaide, South Australia

"This is my 15th CBI Grinder and I can say, this 8600 with the Cat C-32 (1200-HP) has far exceeded my expectations. I know where to look for my 16th machine."

- Steve Ghormley
Novus Wood Group
Houston, TX

"Unbelievable ... These CBI 8600's are "flippin" unbelievable. They primary grind Australian pine yard waste and construction wood, and they make a beautiful mulch at a rate so high we had to buy a loader with a 27 yard bucket just to keep up. We love them ... Thanks CBI."

- Chuck Tomlinson
Amerigrow Recycling
Delray, FL

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