The Annihilator Stationary Shredder

Annihilator Stationary Shredder

The Annihilator is truly the Mother of All Shredders. From the frame up, the Annihilator is designed to handle 100+ tons/hour of the most contaminated, commingled waste streams you can throw at it. The stationary version of the Annihilator is powered by two 300-500 HP crusher duty electric motors delivering extreme throughput and outstanding durability processing C&D, bulky waste, and MSW. Features include a 6” forged steel, 20,000 pound rotor with reversible tips, auto reverse, and automatic purge cycle; an 8,000 pound hydraulically actuated anvil door with remote controlled, adjustable cutting gap; and an 8’x10’ feed opening with extended sides to provide unrestricted loading of large volumes of material without spillage. Whether you’re running a landfill or transfer station or you need an absolutely bullet-proof primary shredder in front of your recycling system, the Annihilator is for you.


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