Heavy & Light Air Separator Screen

Heavy & Light Air Separator Screen

Cost-effective and suitable for removing “heavies” such as rocks, bricks, metals, glass, ice lumps, nuts & bolts, etc., from less dense materials. The Heavy & Light Air Separator Screen integrates the advantages of vibratory technology and controlled air. Air density separation is a key system component for the separation of mixed materials based on differences in density and shape. Multiple sizes of CBI’s Heavy & Light Air Separator Screen are available to custom fit your stationary system layout.

Common Applications:

  • C&D Debris (construction & demolition debris)
  • Fuzzy (magnetized) iron from shredder fluff
  • ASR - Recovery of both ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • RDF (refuse-derived fuel)
  • Shredded MSW (municipal solid waste)
  • Compost cleaning
  • Biomass fuel
  • Aggregate cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Multi-fraction separating for heavies, lights & super lights.
  • Hog fuel clean-up by removing rocks and metals
  • Removes dirt, stones, and other non-combustibles from wood chips
  • Shredded household waste
  • Recover broken glass from MRF materials
  • Recovery of processed wood for use as fuel
  • Reduces material volume destined for the landfill
  • Paper and plastic separation
  • Removes unpickable lights (fines, foils, small paper, etc.)
For inquiries regarding this air separator screen or any of CBI's other signature machines or equipment, call (603) 382-0556 or contact us here
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