CBI AirMax Material Separator

CBI developed the AirMax material component separator as an efficient alternative to air knife separators. Designed and manufactured primarily for separating construction and demolition (C&D) material, the CBI AirMax utilizes an adjustable feed and adjustable air flow for multiple applications. Applications include C&D recycling for heavy/light separation, auto shredding for non-ferrous metals/light separation, plastic shredding for non-ferrous metals/plastic separation and compost facilities for rock/wood separation and wood/plastic separation.

The CBI AirMax requires minimal power as it is powered by four motors that total 32 HP. Compare this to other traditional systems, which require upwards of 75 HP for operation. Made here in North America, owners of the CBI AirMax know they are getting the most heavy-duty and readily available components. Support conveyors and structural steel quoted upon request.

Give CBI a call at (603) 382-0556 or contact us here for more information.

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