CBI AirMax Material Density Separator

MSW separator for C&D processing

The CBI AirMax Material Separator is one of CBI’s newest and most promising material management solutions. Developed as an efficient alternative to water tanks, the AirMax was designed for separating heavy materials such as aggregates, metals, glass, and more from lighter materials. Ideal for separating rock from wood and plastic, C&D recycling, glass recycling, mulch cleanup, compost cleanup, automotive fluff recycling, and a variety of other applications.

It does everything a standard air knife does but does it in a self-con­tained, self-filtering package, so you don’t have any dust or air control issues. The AirMax is a clean, quiet, and precise solution for recycling centers who want to get the most out of raw waste being processed. End users can use recycled wood for in-house mulch operation and separated rock for fill or other markets. This machine takes raw waste recycling centers to the next level while proving to be a universal asset across industries.

Separates waste efficiently and reduces dust

Four electric motors total 42 HP. Two motors running off variable frequency drives are all this unit needs to handle the toughest C&D material (requiring less power than traditional systems). A fully enclosed component for self-con­tained air flow allows for a dust-free and quiet operation, while recirculating 70 percent of the air back through the system. Thirty percent of air is filtered through the air filter housing to help eliminate dust.

The AirMax is designed to run smooth with zero vibration, while at the same time me­ticulously separating material for a quality end product. Adjustable feed and air flow let owners calibrate the machine for various applications and levels of separation. Adjustable diverters force air through the nozzle to flow over the rotating drum and cut material. The rotating drum provides assistance with carrying lighter material into the chamber. Once material gets inside the chamber, air disperses quickly and the material falls onto a lights discharge conveyor. Standing at just over 8’ in height and 31’-10” in total length, the AirMax is compact and space efficient.


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