CBI Portable Pre-Screener

The CBI Pre-Screener is a low-maintenance, high-production means of separating dirt and abrasive fines out of all types of fed material. It is a reliable machine due to its rugged, simplistic design. The open-top design allows the operator to feed in large volumes of brush, stumps, construction and demolition waste (C&D), yard waste, grass, bark, bulky or irregular material without binding or clogging.

Used in front of a CBI Grizzly Mill or a CBI Magnum Force Grinder, the CBI Pre-Screener reduces the amount of component wear on the grinder and increases productivity. Whether used as a stand-alone unit or feeding a grinder, the CBI Pre-Screener will reliably deliver the tonnage needed to keep a high production grinder working at full capacity.

This system is designed to remove abrasive fines prior to grinding, as well as, provide a picking station for contaminants that cannot be mechanically removed. The CBI Pre-Screener is available in stationary or portable models, with either diesel or electric drive. It separates feed material into three fractions including fines, ferrous metals and overs ready for processing. CBI is available at (603) 382.0556 or you can contact us here.

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