Magnum Force XL 406 Stationary Secondary Grinder

Magnum Force XL 406 Stationary Secondary Grinder

CBI has developed the most versatile secondary grinder on the market today. The CBI Magnum Force XL 406 Secondary Grinder can be customized to fit your individual business needs and offers the highest throughput and the lowest cost per ton of any secondary grinding system available. CBI’s Magnum Force 406 Secondary Grinder is bigger, stronger, more reliable and more productive than anything made for this application.

The choice is yours - CBI’s Magnum Force Shingle Pro XL 406 designed for single-pass processing of asphalt shingles to a finished end product, CBI’s Mulch Pro XL 406 installed as a secondary grinder in a mulch processing application or CBI’s C&D Pro XL 406 installed as the secondary grinder in a stationary C&D system. CBI’s Magnum Force XL 406 Secondary Grinder is the clear choice for high-volume material regrinding to a precise end product or asphalt shingle processing.

Advanced features include a unique hog box design, which allows the upper hog box and bonnet assembly to hydraulically lift to expose the rotor and grates for safer and easier maintenance; a heavy-duty reinforced housing with replaceable wear liners; and an integrated water spray system designed to control dust more efficiently in the grinding chamber. Our rugged forged drum rotor with weld-on hammers and bolt-on tips is locked to the shaft by two locking assemblies. The heavy-duty anvil is shear pin protected, which are also supported by adjustable shear pin blocks. Adding to its durability and productivity, the Magnum Force 406 Secondary Grinder’s two AR 450 grate liners allow for a full 180 degree cutting surface. The machine’s frame construction is specially made from formed plate for highest rigidity and strength and is designed to tie together the feed conveyor, hog box, motor, and discharge conveyor. At CBI, we build our machines based on total ownership cost…and never compromise on quality.

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