Magnum Force 6800-B Stationary Upswing Grinder

Magnum Force 6800-B Stationary Upswing Grinder

If it is the best you’re looking for your search is over. Drafted to be the undisputed leader in wood processing, forged by the rigorous demands of industry; the CBI Magnum Force 6800B delivers uncompromised production, efficiency, durability, quality, and ease of maintenance. The best grinder on the market just got better. The Magnum Force Series 6800B Horizontal Hog has been specifically re-designed for land clearing companies and yard waste processors who demand high-volume throughput and maximum reliability. The first grinder ever made that can grind whole trees as fast as a 30" chipper can chip – with a fraction of the prep and maintenance!

With a production capacity of up to 200 tons per hour, the 6800B is a wood processing juggernaut. Whether it is whole trees, slash, storm debris, regrind, or C&D, the 6800B will process more material than the competition at a lower cost per ton. Multiple grate and tip options are available to optimize for the material being processed and fine-tune your end product. Thanks to the full opening clamshell style rotor housing, changes are made quickly enabling one machine to truly do it all.

The 4” thick, high strength rotor core is shear pin protected. The entire system is controlled by CBI’s IntelliGrind logic that incorporates feed speed that varies automatically with engine load, and an optional modem communications system that provides for real-time system diagnostics, analysis, and operating program adjustments allowing the operator to optimize performance while avoiding costly downtime. Available in portable, stationary, or track-mounted versions, the 6800B is the perfect solution for your wood processing needs, no matter the location or application.

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