Magnum Force 5800 Stationary Upswing Grinder

5800S Rotor Design

With the outstanding success of the Magnum Force 6800 grinder, CBI went back to the drawing board to apply the same principles to a machine designed for stationary applications dealing with lower production needs or size restrictions. The end result is the Magnum Force 5800; a mid-sized upswing grinder built without compromising strength or performance!

At CBI our top priority is our customers – the Magnum Force 5800 was built with them in mind. Decreasing the installation footprint of the machine was one of the primary design goals of the 5800 and it delivers! The offset helix rotor, anvil, and screen designs and dimensions remain similar to the 6800 to retain its superior grinding performance, however the rotor width is decreased to produce a machine with a total width under 8’6” (2.55m). Each component was scrutinized, weight was engineered out where it wasn’t needed and engineered in where it was. The end result is a high volume grinder weighing 64,850Lbs.

The Magnum Force 5800 grinder is engineered for yard waste, demolition wood processors, and mulch yards who demand high-volume throughput and maximum reliability. The 5800 features a high lift upper roll for ease of maintenance, a high torque hydrostatic feed system and a high strength drum rotor and screen system that are shear pin protected.

The Magnum Force 5800 was designed to meet specific size constraints while still containing all of the design features and ingenuity that makes strength and performance of CBI machines legendary.

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