Shingle Pro XL 406 Portable Grinder

Asphalt Shingle Grinder

CBI’s purpose-built asphalt shingle grinder, the Magnum Force Shingle Pro XL 406, is specifically designed for asphalt shingle recycling. This one-pass grinding machine processes both tear offs and reject shingles as the industry’s most robust asphalt shingle shredder. Compared to other shingle grinding recycling equipment, the Shingle Pro XL 406 offers the highest throughput and the lowest cost per ton. In addition to grinding asphalt shingles, this machine is also ideal for regrinding all types of material to a small uniform end product.

CBI set out to build the best asphalt shingle grinder available on the market. Because shingle grinding is one of the toughest applications a machine can be built for, our design features also make it ideally suited for high-volume reprocessing of all types of material into a small uniform end product. This includes wood and bark reground into the highest quality mulch, or any other feed stock that requires regrinding into material such as pellet feed stock, pulverized fuel, or waste material into kiln fuel.

Asphalt shingle grinding equipment that endures the daily punishment of this difficult grinding application should be built with total ownership cost in mind. CBI communicates closely with its customers to ensure this objective is always reached, which is why we incorporate notable equipment protection features into the Shingle Pro XL 406. Its metal detection system automatically reverses the asphalt shingle grinder’s feed system should the rotor make contact with steel. This not only increases overall uptime, but it also allows machine owners to operate this machine with confidence. If you're in the market for superior asphalt shingle recycling equipment, the CBI Shingle Pro won't disappoint.

The industry's most powerful asphalt shingle grinder

Just how much can CBI’s powerful asphalt shingle grinder handle? Powered by a CAT C-27, 1050 HP electric start engine, the Shingle Pro XL 406 grinds up to 115 tons per hour of the toughest reject shingles and 150 tons per hour of tear off shingles to a finished end product. Any surge in grinding is compensated by the 20' long x 60" wide feed conveyor. The conveyor’s open-ended funneling design allows for uninterrupted feed to the asphalt shingle grinder’s hog chamber.

The CBI Shingle Pro XL 406 is the industry’s most powerful and service-friendly asphalt shingle grinder. Features such as its 60” forged rotor and rigid framing that ties together its feed conveyor, hog box, motor and discharge conveyor are just some of its other features. If you’re looking to take the next step in asphalt shingle recycling equipment, call (603) 382-0556 to learn more about the CBI Single Pro XL 406. You can also contact us here for any other inquiries.

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