Horizontal Grinders: Stationary and Portable

Horizontal grinders from CBI are designed and manufactured with a focus on flexibility, durability and sustainability. Whether you’re looking for a traditional portable diesel-powered horizontal grinder or a stationary electric horizontal grinder, we manufacture equipment that never compromises quality. We handle all aspects of configuring, building, installing and supporting a complete materials processing system.

Horizontal Grinders Built For Any Industry

For over 25 years, our portable and stationary grinders have delivered hours upon hours of continuous operation across countless applications. Companies primarily focusing on land clearing, bark mulch production, construction and demolition recycling (C&D) and municipal solid waste processing have regularly turned to our robust horizontal grinders. We produce both upswing and downswing grinding machines. Upswings are generally higher speed for cleaner material with premium throughput. Downswing are generally lower speed with the ability to process a more contaminated waste stream and have the flexibility to accept multiple rotor options.

Which Horizontal Grinder Is Right For You?

Are you searching for whole tree grinders? What about a secondary mulch grinder or electric horizontal grinder? CBI's broad product line offers customers purpose-built machines customized to fit their business needs. If you’re unsure of which horizontal grinder best suits your business objectives, give CBI a call at (603) 382-0556 or fill out this form.

Portable asphalt shingle grinder
Shingle Pro XL 406 Portable Grinder

Asphalt shingle grinding requires a machine that endures the daily punishment of the application. In addition to grinding asphalt shingles, this machine is also ideal for regrinding all types of material to a small uniform end product. This one-pass grinding machine processes both tear offs and reject shingles as the industry’s most robust asphalt shingle shredder.



Magnum Force 8800 Portable Grinder

8800 Portable Upswing Grinder

Bigger, stronger, smarter, more fuel efficient and productive than anything previously made – the 8800 grinder is built specifically for maximized throughput when grinding trees, stumps, brush, yard waste or pallets. It’s 100% covered with bolt-in wear liners, has extra-large flange-style bearing housings for maximum rotor support and a clamshell design that provides for outstanding access for the service of rotor and screens.


Portable whole tree grinder

Magnum Force 8600 Portable Grinder

If your need is for the highest possible production grinding whole trees, stumps, brush, yard waste or pallets, then the 8600 is for you. Following in the tradition of CBI’s 4800 series, the Magnum Force 8600 incorporates ruggedness and versatility, and adds newly engineered features never before available in a wood waste grinder.

One of CBI's whole tree grinders

Magnum Force 8400 Portable Downswing Grinder

The Horizontal Hog is the undisputed world champion of extreme duty wood waste grinders. The 8400 delivers both the rugged durability needed for processing metal and aggregate contaminated waste, and unrivaled portability in over-the-road transport.

Best horizontal wood grinder

6800BT Horizontal Wood Grinder

The CBI Magnum Force 6800BT horizontal grinder is the undisputed leader in wood processing, forged by the rigorous demands of industry to impartially devour whole trees, slash, storm debris, regrind or construction and demolition debris.


Efficient wood chipper grinder

6400T Portable Downswing Grinder

Four interchangeable rotors make this one of the world's most versatile horizontal grinders on the market today. The machine can also be converted to a whole tree chipper by installing a 2-pocket or 4-pocket chipper rotor. No other wood waste grinding machine is as productive, dynamic, or compact as this one.

Portable whole tree grinder

5800 Portable Upswing Grinder

The CBI 5800B Horizontal Wood Grinder is engineered to give land clearing companies, yard waste companies, construction and demolition wood processors, and mulch yards what they need for maximum throughput.

Commercal wood chipper grinder

5400B Portable Downswing Grinder

This horizontal wood chipper and grinder provides flexibility to process an exceptionally wide variety of materials and generate products that clients demand. This unbelievable versatility guarantees that you will always have the right machine for the job regardless of the market.

Industrial wood grinder

Magnum Force Multiflex Downswing Wood Grinder

This wood grinder is designed to be pulled by a truck and meet the demand of grinding contractors looking for a one man solution.


Stationary wood grinding

Magnum Force XL 406 Stationary Secondary Wood Grinder

This is the most versatile secondary grinder that you will find on the market today. This secondary grinder is bigger, stronger, and more productive than anything made for this type of application.



Commercial wood waste grinder

Magnum Force 8600 Stationary Downswing Grinder

If you're looking for the best possible option for grinding whole trees, stumps, pallets, slash, or other wood waste, then this is the grinder for you. The Magnum Force 8600 is designed for high efficiency, easy maintenance, and the lowest cost of operation. Optional features make this one of the most technically advanced wood waste grinders out there.

Industrial wood waste grinder

Magnum Force 8400 Stationary Downswing Grinder

The 8400 grinds whole trees, telephone poles, railroad ties, contaminated construction and demolition, and other materials at 200 tons/hour. Option of three application-specific rotor packages.

Commercial wood waste

6800B Stationary Upswing Grinder

The 6800B Horizontal Hog is the undisputed leader in wood waste processing. It's the first grinder ever made that can grind whole trees as fast as a 30" chipper--with a fraction of the prep and maintenance. Available in portable, stationary, or track-mounted versions, the 6800B is the perfect solution for your wood waste grinding needs, no matter the location or application.

Commercial wood chipper grinder

Magnum Force 6400 Stationary Downswing Grinder

Make high quality mulch from whole trees and stumps, then go to chipping stem wood into custom sized wood chips. With electric motor options ranging from 500-1000 HP for stationary units, this unit has no problem grinding through highly contaminated construction and demolition waste, railroad ties, or other materials.


commercial stationary grinder

Magnum Force 5800 Stationary Upswing Grinder

This mid-sized upswing grinder is built without compromising on performance, strength, or efficiency. This wood grinding machine is engineered for yard waste, mulch yards, and C&D processors who demand high-volume throughput. 


Magnum Force stationary grinder

Magnum Force 5400 Stationary Downswing Grinder

The Magnum Force 5400 is one of the latest offerings in the next generation of horizontal grinders, where owners can select from five different field-swappable rotors to accommodate changing materials and processing demands. 

Horizontal wood grinder mill

CBI Grizzly Mill Primary Grinder

Known as the heavyweight champion of the wood waste grinding industry, the CBI Grizzly Mill is the backbone of our biomass recovery systems. It is recognized worldwide as the toughest and most productive wood hog ever built. With multiple rotor types and sizes available, it can be configured specifically as a primary, secondary or tertiary grinder for waste wood (stumps, logs, demolition debris, MSW, telephone poles and railroad ties, stringy bark, yard waste, etc.) for end-product sizes ranging from 15mm–500mm. The superior design of our solid steel rotors (available with optional brute package) allows it to turn at half the speed of a conventional hammer-mill’s rotor, saving up to 90 percent of maintenance costs. 

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