CBI Stationary Flail Debarker

No other stationary flail debarker on the market is engineered to be as rugged as the CBI Magnum Force Stationary Flail. This chain flail debarker is an ideal complement to our 2-pocket and 4-pocket industrial wood chippers used for the production of boiler fuel, traditional pulverized fuel and feed stock for pellet fuel manufacturing. With this design, material is fed into and out of the flail chamber by pivoting top feed roll assemblies with position sensing cylinders to ensure a controlled feed. Top feed rolls are driven by Poclain high torque wheel motors.

CBI’s incorporated its three-flail design to ensure this flail debarker makes optimum contact with wood to deliver maximum debarking action. It consists of two 50” swing diameter (1.27 m) top flail drums X 48” wide (1.21 m) with 11-link chains and one 40” swing diameter (1 m) bottom flail drum with 8-link chains. The top flail positions are determined by the top feed roll cylinder positioning sensors and the flail RPMs are automatically adjusted based on log diameters.

The bottom feed rolls are driven by direct-coupled Char-Lynn motors through a Brevini gearbox. The inside of the flail chamber has replaceable wear liners for easy maintenance and overall longevity of this flail debarker. Residue is discharged from the flail chamber by a large hydraulically-actuated push ram that utilizes a 5 1/2” bore, 90-inch stroke cylinder.

If you’re interested in learning how CBI’s stationary flail debarker can help with your delimbing/debarking needs, call (603) 382-0556. You can also contact us here for any other inquiries.

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