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Adding to CBI’s whole tree chipper product line, the Magnum Force Disc Chipper 754 is a portable unit that provides the pulp and paper industry with a highly productive wood processor. Capable of producing up to 150 tons per hour of uniform wood chips, this disc chipper features a 75” diameter, 4-knife chipper disc to produce wood chips from 5/8” to 1”. The end result is a uniform wood chip in length and thickness. Also, the disc chipper design of the 754 includes a trash separator that discharges on the opposite side of the chip discharge, which allows for convenient roadside loading of a chip trailer.

Standing on D7 Berco tracks with superior ground clearance and equipped with a new vertical chute option that has a 250 degree range of rotation, the chipper can be positioned for trucks even on the narrowest of landings. The adjustable end deflector ensures the unit blasts wood chips with the velocity and precision demanded by modern contractors. The machine is an absolute whole tree shredder.

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Increased disc chipper loading speed through new optional feed extension

Contractors who work with inconsistent log diameters or lengths know the frustration of aligning loads. The 754’s new optional feed deck extension bolts on to the back of the infeed and allows operators to align longer logs of various sizes more efficiently without guiding them down. Driven by a powered idler roll, the extension aligns and powers logs to the throat of the chipper box while the driver is already focusing on the next grab, making for a seamless operation.

Providing a continuous positive feed, the top feed roll is equipped with a high-torque Poclain internal drive and the bottom feed roll is equipped with a high-torque Brevini planetary drive, both designed for extended life and reduced maintenance.

The disc chipper housing design maximizes airflow and force to guarantee a smooth discharge of wood chips with more than enough velocity to pack any trailer. The end and vertical chute designs have been tweaked so there’s no resistance to wood chips.

The 754 Disc Chipper works in unison with the 604 Flail Debarker

Owners of the Disc Chipper 754 have the option of purchasing either a wheel-mounted or track-mounted model. If the track-mounted unit is what you choose as your disc chipper design, be ready to experience the benefits of its heavy-duty track frames and a fifth-wheel plate hookup. This allows for the Disc Chipper 754 to be readily compatible with CBI’s portable debarking machine, the Magnum Force Flail 604. Together, the 754 and 604 can be transported down logging roads to reduce downtime and skidder travel distance.

Anyone producing paper-quality chips is going to have to debark anyways, which is why the 754 was designed specifically to work in unison with the industry’s most rugged delimber and debarker. The 754 Disc Chipper has a “stinger” that slides out and hitches to CBI’s 604 Flail debarking machine, making it readily compatible for advanced standards of logging contractors who want to debark and chip in a single pass. Great for anyone with whole tree chipping needs.

An optional piece to this flail debarker is the fully-equipped Tigercat T-215 knuckle boom loader. Powered by a 4.4 L CAT engine, the T-215 gives machine operators the capability to load more wood per grapple and to make better use of machine uptime.

The 604 Flail’s four-roll flail design provides optimum contact with wood to deliver maximum debarking action. A heavy chain curtain wipes debris clear from logs before leaving the flail chamber. Bark debris is discharged by a hydraulically-actuated push ram that forces debris from under the machine.

As a versatile, consistent and sustainable disc chipper option, CBI’s portable Magnum Force Disc Chipper 754 is designed to give machine operators the flexibility required for high-volume wood chip production. Working alongside the flail, the 754 is one of the most efficient whole tree chippers. From the engineering process to servicing your disc chipper following its purchase, CBI is with you every step of the way. Give us a call at (603) 382-0556 or contact us here and we’ll discuss how this machine could be the ideal fit for your business objectives.


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