CBI 6400 Portable Whole Tree Chipper (TBG660)

Magnum Force 6400 Portable Chipper

The CBI Magnum Force 6400 (TBG660) is the world's most versatile chipper. That's because, aside from the two application-specific chipper rotors that you can choose from, the CBI 6400 (TBG660) also accommodates a forged drum rotor and a solid-steel rotor for grinding. The 2-Pocket chipper rotor Single features two rows of knives for average chip lengths of ¾” to 1-1/4” to produce fuel chips from stem wood. The 4-Pocket chipper rotor features four rows of knives for short chip lengths of 1/16” to ½” to produce short chips from stem wood suitable for pelletizing or pulverizing fuel, etc. These rotors are field-swappable. So, in a single day, you can go from making mulch from trees and stumps, to chipping stem wood into chips in custom sizes (2-30mm), to grinding contaminated C&D or railroad ties with the tie plates attached. Available in three configurations – portable, track, or stationary.

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