Wood Chippers: Drum Chippers And Disc Chippers

Our industrial wood chippers are engineered as the world’s most productive and reliable commercial wood chippers. Whether it’s a drum chipper such as the TBC435 (CBI ChipMax 484) or a disc chipper like the Magnum Force DC 754, These machines are built to out produce the competition by up to 50% every day.

No other industrial wood chipper manufacturer is as meticulous when it comes to the entire machine design and production process. We work with our customers every step of the way when it comes to configuring, building, installing and supporting a complete materials process system; it does not matter if it is a portable or stationary, you can rest assured that CBI will not compromise quality.

Wood Chippers For All Types of Wood Processing Industries

Customers commonly associated with our line of industrial wood chippers generally produce microchips for manufacturing wood pellets, wood chips, for boiler fuel and wood chips for pulp and paper. Machine operators experience an increase in throughput with wide feed conveyors that allows for a continuous feed of whole trees and large volume materials. No matter the industry, our industrial wood chippers are built for mass production of various types of wood.

Which Industrial Wood Chipper Is Right For You?

Our sales and engineering staff will work to learn more about your business to help you identify which machine best fits your business needs. Contact CBI to learn more about any of our robust drum chipper or disc chipper machines. CBI sets the standard for whole tree chippers with each of our machines transforming the wood processing industry. TEE is available at (603) 382-0556. You can also contact us here or fill out this form for any inquiries.

High quality mulch

5400 Portable Industrial Chipper

The Magnum Force 5400 allows you to select from five different field-swappable rotors to accommodate changing materials and processing demands.

The world's most versatile chipper

6400 Portable Whole Tree Chipper

The CBI Magnum Force 6400 (TBG660) is the world's most versatile chipper. That's because, aside from the two application-specific chipper rotors that you can choose from, the CBI 6400 (TBG660) also accommodates a forged drum rotor and a solid-steel rotor for grinding.

large mobile drum chippers

8400 Portable Wood Chipper

The Magnum Force Chipper (8400) is one of the largest and most productive mobile drum chippers in the world. It provides up to 700 cubic meters per hour of high-quality chips for the boiler fuel, pulp, and OSB markets. The entire unit can easily be converted to a grinder with CBI's quick change rotor and screen system.


Produces uniform wood chips

Magnum Force Disc Chipper 754

Adding to CBI’s whole tree chipper product line, the Magnum Force Disc Chipper 754 is a portable unit that provides the pulp and paper industry with a highly productive wood processor. Capable of producing up to 150 tons per hour of uniform wood chips, this disc chipper features a 75” diameter, 4-knife chipper disc to produce wood chips from 3/8” to 1”. 

Best American Industrial Chipper

ChipMax 484 Portable Whole Tree Chipper

This compact and reliable whole tree chipper consistently out-produces the competition by up to 50% on a daily basis and has a high-production capability of 100-plus tons per hour. Purpose-built and customized to fit each customer’s individual business needs.


Tree and stump mulcher

5400 Stationary Wood Chipper

The Magnum Force 5400 wood chipper creates high quality mulch from stumps and trees, chips stemwood into custom sizes (2 mm to 30mm fiber length), and is capable of grinding C&D and railroad ties when swapping screens and rotors. There is no chipper on the planet that will give you more bang for the buck or a better return on your investment.


One of the most versatile wood chippers

6400 Stationary Wood Chipper

Within a day, you can go from making high quality mulch from trees and stumps, to chipping stemwood into chips in custom sizes ranging from 2-30mm, to grinding highly contaminated C&D or railroad ties with the tie plates attached just by swapping rotors and screens.



Industrial wood chipper

8400 Stationary Wood Chipper

One of the most productive commercial chippers. Features include a shear pin protected chip breaking grate ensuring uniform chip size with virtually no overs, and an adjustable, reversible anvil allowing the operator to customize chip size and assure maximum service life.

Chipmax 484
ChipMax 484 Stationary Chipper

With a high production capability of 100 plus tons per hour the ChipMax 484 challenges even the best loader operators to keep up. Compact yet enormously productive, the ChipMax 484 is an extreme-duty biomass production workhorse - providing years of trouble free service. 

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