Stump Shear

Stump shear for uprooting stumps

The CBI Stump Shear is a stump’s worst nightmare. The attachment is designed to grub, pull, backfill, shear, split and load... making uniform processed material out of the biggest stumps and butt logs at a rate of 50 tons or more per hour. Two massive ripper teeth pull stumps out of the ground, while the reinforced steel plate backfills the stump hole.

The Stump Shear's dual action cylinder allows the knife to retract fully out of the way when grubbing and excavating stumps. By not remaining fixed in a low position, it does not interfere with work or cause unnecessary stress to the shear or excavator from unwanted knife strikes.

Stump shear features

  • Dual ripper teeth and contoured anvil profile for grubbing out root structure and pulling stumps out of the ground with strength and precision.
  • Large throat and tip-to-tip opening allows for shearing of huge stumps and logs.
  • Steel plate backfills stump hole, side plate profile to sidesweep and level grade.
  • Massive reinforced knife shears and logs even the toughest stumps.
  • Shearing stumps help to remove dirt and rock, reducing grinder wear, providing cleaner end product, and increasing production.
  • Designed for 40,000-100,000 lbs. class excavator with auxiliary hydraulic line for the additional piston that powers knife.
  • Each unit is custom manufactured to fit your exact excavator specifications.

Operator visibility is greatly improved by retracting the knife blade, giving the user coordinated and precise control. The extra wide shear opening allows the largest stumps to be sheared to the proper size for processing. This helps to remove most dirt and rocks, which greatly reduces wear and tear on your grinder as well as allowing stumps to be ground to a cleaner and much higher quality fuel product. Sheared and prepared material also drastically increases grinder production.

CBI’s Stump Shear is available in direct pin or quick-coupling: SS20/SSQC20, weighs 4,000 lbs. and fits on a 40,000-55,000 lbs. class excavator; SS25/SSQC25 weighs 5,500 lbs. and fits on a 55,000-65,000 lbs. class excavator; SS30/SSQC30 weighs 7,000 lbs. and fits on a 65,000-90,000 lbs. class excavator.




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