CBI RR30 Root Rake

CBI's RR30 Root Rake grubs, pulls, backfills, rakes and loads... making “hog feed” out of dirt contaminated debris. Six massive primary rake tines clear root structure from the ground with ease, while the six secondary reinforced steel back-rake tines groom the surface area on the reverse stroke.

The extra wide rake opening allows for grabbing large amounts of material and using the rake to screen roots and stumps prior to loading. This helps to remove most dirt and rocks, which greatly reduces wear and tear on your grinder as well as allowing stumps and roots to be ground to a cleaner and much higher quality fuel product. Raked and screened material also drastically increases grinder production.

Root Rake features

  • Six back-rake tines allow for backfill raking

  • Each root rake custom manufactured to fit your exact excavator specifications

  • Raking material helps to remove dirt and rock, reducing grinder wear and providing cleaner end product

  • Large throat and tine-to-tine opening allows for loading large volumes of debris

  • Six rake teeth into three thumb teeth for raking out root structure and screening material with strength and precision

  • The Root Rake is designed for 65,000- 90,000 lb. class excavator with auxiliary hydraulic line for the additional piston

  • Massive reinforced tines for raking and screening the toughest roots and loading the most gnarled stumps 

CBI's RR30 Root Rake weighs 7,500 lbs. and fits on a 65,000-90,000 lb. class excavator. The dual action root rake uses the bucket curl function of the excavator to power the lower jaw, allowing screening of material and raking roots to have the same operator feel as digging with a standard bucket. An auxiliary cylinder powers the grappler.

In ground or out, the CBI Root Rake is built with the same rugged durability you have come to expect from CBI. Every component—from the specially designed root rake tines, to the large diameter high strength alloy pins, to the fixed Hardox 450 tips designed for feeding a grinder—are painstakingly designed and crafted from the finest materials to give you maximum performance and the longest useful life in this demanding application.

Don’t waste precious time and hard-earned money on less capable, less durable root rakes or attachments. CBI’s Root Rake is custom configured to always outperform and outlast all others in the toughest severe duty applications.

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