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KC Johnson 6800 Infeed

At CBI, we know that what you get out of your system is driven by what goes into it. That’s why CBI designs, engineers and custom builds each system without compromising quality in any detail. Where our competitors use spot welds, we use 100% welds, where they use mild steel we use high-quality alloy steel, where they use chain drives, we use planetary gear drives, where they use cheap gear pumps and flow controls we use closed-loop hydrostatic systems. They call it overbuilt, we call it value.

When the CBI name goes on a piece of equipment, you can be assured that you’re buying only the very best, because that’s all we sell. We utilize only the highest quality components from such manufacturers as CAT, Hagglunds, Rexroth, and Brevini, match them to sub-assemblies built to last for tens of thousands of hours in the most extreme environments, and then assemble them on custom bases and chassis designed and built for years of trouble-free operation. We call this More Value – By Design. When this philosophy is paired with the very latest in proprietary technology and constantly updated by our world class engineers, your results are guaranteed.

CBI customers understand that quality translates to reliability, durability and performance. The CBI lifetime ownership cost is impossible to beat. Below is a link to CBI's complete product lineup of wood grinders, whole tree chippers, waste shredders, screens, attachments, flails, disc chippers, and more!

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