CBI Customer Case Study

Waste Management, Wilbraham

Waste Management Inc., Wilbraham, MA & Raynham, MA

Waste Management Inc. (WMI) purchased an existing C&D processing facility that was operating outside and using mobile equipment. Having had past experience with CBI, WMI wanted the durability of heavy built equipment for a long term operation. CBI included in the design an Annihilator shredder for making a specific size product, screening out 6” fines for the neighboring landfill … and for a more efficient recycling operation. The residuals at the end of the system are ground down to a 3”- to make ADC and Grizzly Mill grinds the picked wood ease of transportation and to make fuel. This system has been operating since 2004 at approximately 700 ton/day.

WMI, Raynham, MA - Again, Waste Management looked to CBI to design a stationary system for an existing operation that, at one time, had been considering a competitor’s equipment. After doing their homework they found that CBI was much more durable and efficient in design and operation. This system is designed to screen out 2”- from the Vibratory Screen. Sorted material and the residuals are ground by a Magnum Force 4800 to make cover. This operation has been processing approximately 400 ton/day since 2003.

Waste Management, Raynham
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