CBI Customer Case Study

New England Recycling

New England Recycling Co., Inc., Taunton, MA

New England Recycling Co., Inc. was started by Gil Lopes & Family in 1964 as a stump disposal site. For years, NER operated outside using a simple system — a trommel screen and then sorting and grinding the overs for ADC through a CBI Magnum Force 4800. Ultimately, they found that there was much more to the recycling side of business and after doing a great deal of homework they chose CBI to design the equipment layout for a new facility. This system had to have flexibility designed in for the changing markets. They wanted to recover a high percentage of recyclables — so the system is designed to recycle 8 different products and process wood for pellets and boiler fuel. It’s equipped with a heavy duty C&D trommel with hexagon shape as a primary screen, this removes the 1/2” dirt for cover. The overs are conveyed to the Picking Conveyor where each man can pull wood and a designated recyclable such as metal, aggregate, cardboard. etc. The wood is conveyed directly to the CBI Grizzly Mill and is ground and loaded directly into trucks. This eliminates having to handle the wood twice or even three times like most facilities without grinders. The non-recyclables go into the large 4872 Grizzly Mill for size reduction. This Grizzly Mill was preowned at the time of installation and now has over 34,000 hours and still looks and runs like new.

Owner: Gil Lopes and Family

New England Recycling CAD Drawing
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