Land Clearing Forestry Debris

6800 Pro

In today’s environmentally-conscious World, land clearing requires lots of site preparation and new methods for material removal. In fact, jobs that once involved dozers, loaders and fleets of trucks to get rid of material like green waste, now require less equipment and represent an opportunity for added revenue … as long as you have the right grinder.

With CBI grinders, whole trees can be processed and even organic waste like leaves, brush, logs and stumps can be made into salable end products like fuel and mulch. So, in addition to the money made on the clearing itself, contractors now have another revenue stream. Plus, this material reduction cuts down on hauling which further impacts their bottom line. The fact that this recycling lightens the load on landfills makes grinding a real win-win situation.

Often potential customers say that they don’t need to process that much per hour and ask, “Can I save some of my initial investment?” … and the answer is “Yes”. However, we then explain the economics. For example, when a truck shows up to be loaded, it’s extremely important that they load it as fast as possible in order to reduce the trucking cost and thereby the overall cost per ton. That’s why all CBI grinders and chippers are designed for the highest possible throughput.

"We recently started the largest job our company has ever undertaken. From Day One, we have had nothing but support and follow up from CBI. If it wasn't for companies like CBI and Anders' commitment in particular, we would have never been able to succeed. I, and my entire family would like to thank you for your equipment and your commitment to excellence."

Mark Letourneau
Letourneau Products Manufacturing Corp.
Freetown, MA

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