Construction and Demolition

Picking Lines

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the United States generates more than 135 million tons of C&D annually. That means that C&D is the second largest component in the national waste stream. C&D materials originate in the construction and demolition of buildings, roads, homes, tenant improvements, landscaping and site clearing activities. This waste stream includes concrete, asphalt, soils, gypsum, wood, ferrous and nonferrous metals, brick, corrugated cardboard, trees, shrubs and composite materials. Recycling C&D generates revenue, stimulates the economy, promotes environmental stewardship, lessens the burden on the landfills and provides useful materials and high-quality alternative fuel.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina contributed an incredible increase in the annual C&D volume – and industry experts logically turned to CBI for the most aggressive and productive means of processing this material.

“Shamrock is currently processing 400,500 tons of mixed construction & demolition debris per day. From the beginning CBI has delivered on every promise they have made. Starting with CBI’s leadership in Anders Ragnarsson, Ed Donovan in sales, all of the engineers and finally the tremendous parts and service staff. Our state of the art system not only came in on time but also came in on budget. I would strongly recommend working with CBI on any project related to processing or recycling numerous types of debris. Learn from my mistakes, Don’t buy simply on price. Buy on proven performance and durability. That is why I run and will continue to run with CBI.”

Rich Gersdorf
Shamrock Recycling and Transfer Inc.
Blaine, MN

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