Wood Boiler Fuel

Issues such as climate change and Global Warming are driving the development of and demand for biofuel. The difference between biofuel and fossil fuel is that biofuel is created from recently dead biological material and fossil fuel comes from long-dead biological material. Further, biofuel is renewable and fossil fuel is not - once it's gone it's gone.

But perhaps more influential in the popularity of biofuel, is the fact that biofuels offer the possibility of producing energy without a net increase of carbon into the atmosphere because the plants used to produce the fuel have removed CO2 from the atmosphere, unlike fossil fuels which return carbon (which was stored beneath the surface for millions of years) into the air. Two decades before “biomass” was a household buzzword, CBI had the foresight to begin work on the biomass/biofuel challenge and even to include the word biomass in the company name (Continental Biomass Industries, Inc.). Since our founding in 1988, CBI has become the undisputed leader in the manufacture of grinders, chippers and shredders integral to the production of biofuel.

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