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CBI has spent the past twenty five years engineering material processing technology, from the ground up, around the singular goal of efficiency – all in the name of doing our part in creating Environmental Sustainability.

Specifically, CBI’s equipment is designed to keep biomass out of the landfills and in the hands of manufacturers who efficiently transform it into biofuel – delivering a cost-effective and Earth-friendly alternative to fossil fuel. But, making alternative fuel to protect the environment wouldn’t make much sense if the process of making it was harmful to the environment.

This is why every component of CBI’s equipment is scrutinized and then engineered to be as efficient as possible. And, while we are constantly fine-tuning and improving our products, on any given day, CBI is light years ahead of the competition in delivering a superior means of material processing and protecting the environment. Based on the principles of kinetic energy CBI’s rotor requires less power to rotate continuously – while aggressively outperforming anything on the market in terms of throughput. This critical component defines the “more with less” corporate culture pervasive at CBI. Similarly, CBI’s IntelliGrind Variable Feed System automatically sets and adjusts feed speed based on engine load – which translates to an efficient use of horsepower for any given application. The optimized design of CBI anvils, screens, hammer configuration and cutting angles work in concert to deliver a superior cutting process and highest-value end product. This can, for example, be leveraged by manufacturers of wood pellets (when the feed stock is logs) because it eliminates costly phases of their manufacturing process. That’s because a single pass through a CBI chipper can yield short-chip (micro-chip) material that doesn’t need to go through the initial hammermill process before entering the dryer. The eliminated process greatly reduces power consumption and emissions to make alternative fuel an even better alternative.

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